The ArcGIS API for JavaScript has caught the ire of many web developers for being based on the Dojo framework rather than the more ubiquitous jQuery framwork. The choice of framework does not bother me, as I prefer to just use whichever tool is necessary for the job (which might not need a framework).

I do believe obfuscating the code for the ArcGIS UI components (known as dijits) hinders developers. However, the arcgis-dijit-geocoder-js repository on GitHub is one of several open sourced dijits for the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Having the source code for these dijits makes it easier for developers (especially non-Dojo developers) to understand, manipulate, and develop their own dijits.

“Why I starred” is a series of articles describing projects I star on GitHub and why I found them interesting. My hope is that you’ll find them interesting as well.