Screenshot of Configurable Map Viewer cmv/cmv-app

The Configurable Map Viewer (CMV) repository was my tenth star on GitHub. Configurable Map Viewer is an extensible web map application built using the Esri ArcGIS JavaScript API. CMV provides an alternative to the Esri Web AppBuilder which requires creating web maps on ArcGIS Online. With CMV, the web map and layers are created using configuration templates.

CMV has a very helpful community of core and plugin developers. I have been fortunate to attend CMV sessions and talk with the core contributors. My organization uses CMV for two internal applications, but it’s also very easy to use for public web apps. If you are interested in quickly getting up and running with ArcGIS web applications, I recommend checking out CMV.

“Why I starred” is a series of articles describing projects I star on GitHub and why I found them interesting. My hope is that you’ll find them interesting as well.