One of the many tasks of the local government agency I work for is assigning physical addresses for E9-1-1. For us this means determining the linear distance along the named road of the driveway entrance. There are 1,000 possible addresses per mile, so a home with a driveway that is 1\2 mile from the start of Orca Lane, for example, is assigned 250 Orca Lane.

Maintaining consistency in address data is important and sometimes difficult. The Local Government Addins from Esri contains a tool for address management in ArcGIS software. We tested this tool with our data and we were impressed by the ease of use. Unfortunately we had a little trouble adapting the tool to our unique needs. After several discussions with Esri tech support it was determined that the tool could not meet our requirements at the time. However, we have not tested newer releases so it may be worth trying again.

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