Json-mode was my eleventh starred repository on GitHub. Json-mode is a major mode for editing JSON files in Emacs. During my research for this article I realized I have never before used the json-mode keybindings for formatting and file navigation despite editing a lot of JSON files in Emacs.

Emacs has been my go-to text editor since 2009. I actually started using Emacs for the Org-Mode extension for organizing my work and personal tasks. The beauty of Emacs are the key-bindings for all the features. Some key-bindings are so ubiquitous they are placed in muscle memory. However, it’s much more difficult to remember key-bindings for less often used functions. While writing this article I rediscovered json-mode’s keybindings.

“Why I starred” is a series of articles describing projects I star on GitHub and why I found them interesting. My hope is that you’ll find them interesting as well.