On April 12, 2012, I starred django-forms-builder on GitHub. Django-forns-builder is a helpful utility for creating forms in Django’s admin console. Django is a Python web framework for quickly creating full-stack web applications. I was using Django extensively from 2009 to 2012 to create data collection applications. With django-forms-builder, any administrator on a Django app could quickly create forms without having to write any code. Allowing non-programmer staff to create their own web forms is an amazing feature! Sadly, I stopped using Django before I was ever able to implement django-forms-builder.

Django-forms-builder was created by Stephen McDonald with help from many contributors. For more information on django-forms-builder check out these video and slides on Stephen’s website.

“Why I starred” is a series of articles describing projects I star on GitHub and why I found them interesting. My hope is that you’ll find them interesting as well.